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We Get The Shot

ASP specializes in making hunting movies for the private hunter. This is what we do, full-time.

We believe that you do the hunt, we film it. You won't even know you have a cameraman with you on the stalk, until you relive your day, sitting around the campfire with a cold one in the hand.

We always try to get the needed footage as it happens, so you don't need to re-enact it later on. Live footage capture the action, your emotion, and it will edit into the perfect movie.

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About Us

In 2010, African Sun Productions finally launched its own enterprise. After filming and editing freelance for 7 years, covering 11 countries and 3 continents, ASP was ready to serve the discerning hunter directly.

We have since filmed in 17 countries on 4 continents. We have proven that We Get The Shot, no matter the circumstances.

ASP is owner run. Martin Müller does most of the filming and editing, and we have freelance cameramen available, all pre-screened to make sure they will fit in with hunters, and that they can deliver the quality that is needed and expected from an African Sun Productions cameraman.

Our Services

What you pay

$390 per day. Included in this is the filming and editing of your movie in full HD, postage of you final product to your house and, if needed, a voice over to round of your movie. It’s the same price for either Dangerous Game or Plains Game, in South Africa or abroad. You need to book a minimum of 5 hunting days.

The client is responsible for any travel and accommodation costs for the duration of the hunt, so be sure to ask your outfitter if any observer fees are payable. I do not charge a daily rate for the travelling days on either side of the hunt, only the actual travel cost.

What you get

You will receive a fully edited copy of your movie on USB drive, digital download and/streaming platform. You will also receive a photobook with a selection of photos from your hunt. I take photos not only of the trophies, but also in camp, while travelling, landscapes etc. Photos are all provided at full resolution. Short clips of each trophy can be uploaded to Youtube. If you prefer not to upload any videos, it’s no problem. I travel with 2 main cameras, so I always have a backup if one fails. I use multiple GoPro cameras, and also travel with a 4K capable drone for aerial photos and video. Some countries don’t allow drones, so availability is not guaranteed if hunting outside of South Africa.

Find us...

Please have a look on Youtube and Facebook, you will find some of our work there. You will notice that we don’t do re-enactments. We film the actual stalking and shots as it happens. Nothing replaces the excitement of the actual event.


"Hiring African Sun was one of the best choices we ever made."

"We have no idea how you work your magic, but magic it is..."

"This movie will keep our dream alive and fresh."

"Your professionalism was a great addition to the team."

"Saying that you did a great job is a complete understatement."

Feel free to contact ASP for contact information of clients and outfitters.


We are based in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Since we are constantly filming, and sometimes out of reach by phone, please contact us via email: